Memories of a National Lafayette 98

pelstate98And a bit we learned….

If at all Possible -Stay at the host hotel. You see more people, more fun and don‘t waste time commuting!

Get a room key for each person! Just Trust me. Check out the boutique, plant sale & auction items EARLY.

Get up early for the bus scramble. No assigned/reserved seats so “First come first on”. Get your group together and grab a bus to get seats together! If one of your group moves slow, save them a seat but tell them so they’ll find you. And busses will leave on time.

Get Breakfast really early or do take out.

No purses or bags to slow me down in the gardens. ID in my pocket with pad & pen. Tiny purse on bus. And don’t forget sun protection.

Take a small camera or video. But move fast & DON’T MISS YOUR BUS!

Food is great but you may never get to make these friends again so visit and view while in the gardens.

Sleep when I get home.

Visit with everyone I can and listen for good info.

Dress light and comfy shoes! Definitely no daytime fashion show. Save that for dinner. Get to banquets early.

We are the host club so talk to people. Introduce yourself even if you’re shy, they’ll be glad you did (they’re shy too). Just say your name and that we’re glad they came. You’ll be surprised and gifted with a return smile. And we all can ask about their daylilies, right?

But most of all, enjoy it!